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com::sun::javatest::InterviewParameters Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::sun::javatest::InterviewParameters:

com::sun::interview::Interview com::sun::javatest::Parameters com::sun::javatest::interview::BasicInterviewParameters com::sun::javatest::interview::DefaultInterviewParameters com::sun::javatest::interview::LegacyParameters com::sun::javatest::interview::SimpleInterviewParameters

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Detailed Description

Configuration parameters provided via an interview.


Definition at line 58 of file InterviewParameters.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized void addObserver (Observer o)
void checkForUpdates ()
void clear ()
void clearMarkedResponses (String name)
Checklist createChecklist ()
Checklist.Item createChecklistItem (String sectionKey, String textKey, Object[] textArgs)
Checklist.Item createChecklistItem (String sectionKey, String textKey, Object textArg)
Checklist.Item createChecklistItem (String sectionKey, String textKey)
void export (Map data)
Map getAllQuestions ()
BackupPolicy getBackupPolicy ()
int getConcurrency ()
ConcurrencyParameters getConcurrencyParameters ()
Question getCurrentQuestion ()
URL getDefaultImage ()
String getDescription ()
TestEnvironment getEnv ()
EnvParameters getEnvParameters ()
String getErrorMessage ()
ExcludeList getExcludeList ()
TestFilter getExcludeListFilter ()
ExcludeListParameters getExcludeListParameters ()
TestFilter getExcludeTableFilter ()
int getExportIgnoreExceptionPolicy ()
File getFile ()
synchronized TestFilter[] getFilters ()
Question getFirstQuestion ()
Interview getInterview (String tag) throws Fault
int getInterviewSemantics ()
Keywords getKeywords ()
TestFilter getKeywordsFilter ()
KeywordsParameters getKeywordsParameters ()
boolean getMarkersEnabled ()
boolean getMarkersFilterEnabled ()
synchronized String getName ()
Interview getParent ()
Question[] getPath ()
Question[] getPathToCurrent ()
TestFilter getPriorStatusFilter ()
PriorStatusParameters getPriorStatusParameters ()
boolean[] getPriorStatusValues ()
CustomPropagationController getPropagationController ()
Set getPropertyKeys ()
Set getQuestions ()
TestFilter getRelevantTestFilter ()
ResourceBundle getResourceBundle ()
String getTag ()
String getTemplatePath ()
String[] getTests ()
TestsParameters getTestsParameters ()
float getTimeoutFactor ()
TimeoutFactorParameters getTimeoutFactorParameters ()
String getTitle ()
WorkDirectory getWorkDirectory ()
boolean hasNext (Question q)
boolean hasValidNext (Question q)
void init (String[] args) throws Fault
boolean isChecklistEmpty ()
boolean isEdited ()
boolean isFileLoaded ()
boolean isFileNewer ()
boolean isFinishable ()
boolean isFirst (Question q)
boolean isLast (Question q)
boolean isStarted ()
boolean isTemplate ()
boolean isValid ()
Iterator iteratePath (boolean flattenNestedInterviews)
Iterator iteratePathToCurrent (boolean flattenNestedInterviews)
void last () throws Fault
void load (Map data) throws Fault
void load (Parameters other)
void load (Map data, boolean checkChecksum) throws Fault
void load (Map data, File file) throws Fault
void load (File file) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException, Fault
void load () throws IOException, Fault
void next () throws Fault
boolean pathContains (Interview i)
boolean pathContains (Question q)
void prev () throws Fault
void propagateTemplateForAll ()
void removeAllMarkers ()
void removeMarkers (String name)
synchronized void removeObserver (Observer o)
void reset ()
String retrieveProperty (String key)
Set retrieveTemplateKeys ()
String retrieveTemplateProperty (String key)
void save (Map data)
void save (File file, boolean isTemplate) throws IOException, Fault
void save (File file) throws IOException, Fault
void save () throws IOException, Fault
void saveAs (File file, boolean saveTestSuite, boolean saveWorkDir) throws IOException, Fault
void saveAs (File file, boolean saveTestSuite, boolean saveWorkDir, boolean isTemplate) throws IOException, Fault
void saveAs (File file) throws IOException, Fault
void setBackupPolicy (BackupPolicy backupPolicy)
void setCurrentQuestion (Question q) throws Fault
void setEdited (boolean edited)
void setExportIgnoreExceptionPolicy (int policy)
void setFile (File f)
void setMarkersEnabled (boolean on)
void setMarkersFilterEnabled (boolean on)
void setPropagationController (CustomPropagationController pc)
void setTemplate (boolean tm)
void setTemplateManger (TemplateManager tm)
void setTemplatePath (String tu)
void setTestSuite (TestSuite ts)
abstract void setWorkDirectory (WorkDirectory workDir)
String storeProperty (String key, String value)
void storeTemplateProperties (Properties props)
String storeTemplateProperty (String key, String value)
void updatePath (Question q)
void updatePath ()
void verifyPathContains (Question q) throws NotOnPathFault

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean isChecksumValid (Map data, boolean okIfOmitted)
static boolean isInterviewFile (File f)
static InterviewParameters open (File testSuitePath, File workDirPath, File configFilePath) throws InterviewParameters.Fault
static InterviewParameters open (String testSuitePath, String workDirPath, String configFilePath) throws InterviewParameters.Fault
static InterviewParameters open (File file, WorkDirectory workDir) throws IOException, Fault
static InterviewParameters open (File file, TestSuite testSuite) throws IOException, Fault
static InterviewParameters open (File file) throws IOException, Fault

Static Public Attributes

static final int EXPORT_IGNORE_NO_EXCEPTIONS = 2
static final int SEMANTIC_MAX_VERSION = 1
static final int SEMANTIC_PRE_32 = 0
static final int SEMANTIC_VERSION_32 = 1

Protected Member Functions

Question callInterview (Interview i, Question q)
abstract Question getConcurrencyFirstQuestion ()
Question getConcurrencySuccessorQuestion ()
abstract Question getEnvFirstQuestion ()
Question getEnvSuccessorQuestion ()
abstract Question getEpilogFirstQuestion ()
abstract Question getExcludeListFirstQuestion ()
Question getExcludeListSuccessorQuestion ()
Question getExcludeTableFirstQuestion ()
Question getExcludeTableSuccessorQuestion ()
abstract Question getKeywordsFirstQuestion ()
Question getKeywordsSuccessorQuestion ()
abstract Question getPriorStatusFirstQuestion ()
Question getPriorStatusSuccessorQuestion ()
Question getPrologSuccessorQuestion ()
String getResourceString (String key, boolean checkAncestorsFirst)
String getResourceString (String key)
abstract Question getTestsFirstQuestion ()
Question getTestsSuccessorQuestion ()
abstract Question getTimeoutFactorFirstQuestion ()
Question getTimeoutFactorSuccessorQuestion ()
 InterviewParameters (String tag)
boolean isAutoUpdatableKey (String key, String subkey)
boolean isAutoUpdatableKey (String key)
boolean isInterviewFinishable ()
boolean isUpdatableKey (String key)
void setBaseTag (String newBaseTag)
void setDefaultImage (URL u)
void setFirstQuestion (Question q)
void setInterviewSemantics (int value)
void setResourceBundle (String name, File file) throws MissingResourceException
void setResourceBundle (String name) throws MissingResourceException
void setTitle (String title)

Static Protected Attributes

static final String CHECKSUM = "CHECKSUM"
static final String EXTERNAL_PREF = "EXTERNAL."
static final String INTERVIEW = "INTERVIEW"
static final String LOCALE = "LOCALE"
static final String MARKERS = "MARKERS"
static final String MARKERS_PREF = "MARKERS."
static final String QUESTION = "QUESTION"
static final String TEMPLATE_PREF = "TEMPLATE."

Package Functions

void add (Question question)
void add (Interview child)
void addMarker (Question q, String name)
TestSuite getTestSuite ()
boolean hasMarker (Question q, String name)
void removeMarker (Question q, String name)

Static Package Attributes

static final String DESC = "DESCRIPTION"
static final String IS_TEMPLATE = "IS_TEMPLATE"
static final String MARKERS_ENABLED = "MARKERS.enabled"
static final String MARKERS_FILTER = "MARKERS.filter"
static final String NAME = "NAME"
static final String TEMPLATE_PATH = "TEMPLATE_PATH"
static final String TESTSUITE = "TESTSUITE"
static final String TRUE = "true"
static final String WORKDIR = "WORKDIR"

Private Member Functions

void loadConcurrencyParameters (ConcurrencyParameters other)
void loadEnvParameters (EnvParameters other)
void loadExcludeListParameters (ExcludeListParameters other)
void loadKeywordsParameters (KeywordsParameters other)
void loadPriorStatusParameters (PriorStatusParameters other)
void loadTestsParameters (TestsParameters other)
void loadTimeoutFactorParameters (TimeoutFactorParameters other)
String trim (String text)

Static Private Member Functions

static boolean equal (Vector v, TestFilter[] f)
static boolean equal (boolean[] b1, boolean[] b2)
static InterviewParameters open (File file, TestSuite testSuite, WorkDirectory workDir) throws IOException, Fault

Private Attributes

BackupPolicy backupPolicy
ExcludeListFilter cachedExcludeListFilter
KeywordsFilter cachedKeywordsFilter
TestFilter cachedRelevantTestFilter
TestEnvironment cachedRelevantTestFilterEnv
TestSuite cachedRelevantTestFilterTestSuite
StatusFilter cachedStatusFilter
TestFilter[] cachedTestFilters
File currFile
long currFileLastModified
boolean currFileLoaded
final String[] ignorablePrefs = new String [] { MARKERS_PREF, EXTERNAL_PREF, TEMPLATE_PREF}
final String[] ignorableProps
boolean inGetName
boolean isTemplate
boolean markersEnabled
boolean markersFilterEnabled
CustomPropagationController pc = new CustomPropagationController()
TemplateManager templateManager = null
String templatePath

Static Private Attributes

static I18NResourceBundle i18n = I18NResourceBundle.getBundleForClass(InterviewParameters.class)


class  JTIFault
interface  TemplateManager
class  TestSuiteFault
class  WorkDirFault

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