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com::sun::media::sound::ModelByteBufferWavetable Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::sun::media::sound::ModelByteBufferWavetable:

com::sun::media::sound::ModelWavetable com::sun::media::sound::ModelOscillator

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Detailed Description

Wavetable oscillator for pre-loaded data.

Karl Helgason

Definition at line 39 of file ModelByteBufferWavetable.java.

Public Member Functions

ModelByteBuffer get8BitExtensionBuffer ()
float getAttenuation ()
ModelByteBuffer getBuffer ()
int getChannels ()
AudioFormat getFormat ()
float getLoopLength ()
float getLoopStart ()
int getLoopType ()
float getPitchcorrection ()
 ModelByteBufferWavetable (ModelByteBuffer buffer, AudioFormat format, float pitchcorrection)
 ModelByteBufferWavetable (ModelByteBuffer buffer, AudioFormat format)
 ModelByteBufferWavetable (ModelByteBuffer buffer, float pitchcorrection)
 ModelByteBufferWavetable (ModelByteBuffer buffer)
ModelOscillatorStream open (float samplerate)
AudioFloatInputStream openStream ()
void set8BitExtensionBuffer (ModelByteBuffer buffer)
void setAttenuation (float attenuation)
void setLoopLength (float loopLength)
void setLoopStart (float loopStart)
void setLoopType (int loopType)
void setPitchcorrection (float pitchcorrection)

Static Public Attributes

static final int LOOP_TYPE_FORWARD = 1
static final int LOOP_TYPE_OFF = 0
static final int LOOP_TYPE_PINGPONG = 4
static final int LOOP_TYPE_RELEASE = 2
static final int LOOP_TYPE_REVERSE = 8

Private Attributes

float attenuation = 0
ModelByteBuffer buffer
ModelByteBuffer buffer8 = null
AudioFormat format = null
float loopLength = -1
float loopStart = -1
int loopType = LOOP_TYPE_OFF
float pitchcorrection = 0


class  Buffer8PlusInputStream

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