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com::sun::media::sound::ModelConnectionBlock Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Connection blocks are used to connect source variable to a destination variable. For example Note On velocity can be connected to output gain. In DLS this is called articulator and in SoundFonts (SF2) a modulator.

Karl Helgason

Definition at line 35 of file ModelConnectionBlock.java.

Public Member Functions

void addSource (ModelSource source)
ModelDestination getDestination ()
double getScale ()
ModelSource[] getSources ()
 ModelConnectionBlock (ModelSource source, ModelSource control, double scale, ModelDestination destination)
 ModelConnectionBlock (ModelSource source, ModelSource control, ModelDestination destination)
 ModelConnectionBlock (ModelSource source, double scale, ModelDestination destination)
 ModelConnectionBlock (ModelSource source, ModelDestination destination)
 ModelConnectionBlock (double scale, ModelDestination destination)
void setDestination (ModelDestination destination)
void setScale (double scale)
void setSources (ModelSource[] source)

Private Attributes

ModelDestination destination
double scale = 1
ModelSource[] sources = no_sources

Static Private Attributes

static final ModelSource[] no_sources = new ModelSource[0]

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