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com::sun::media::sound::ModelPerformer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class is used to define how to synthesize audio in universal maner for both SF2 and DLS instruments.

Karl Helgason

Definition at line 36 of file ModelPerformer.java.

Public Member Functions

List< ModelConnectionBlockgetConnectionBlocks ()
int getExclusiveClass ()
int getKeyFrom ()
int getKeyTo ()
String getName ()
List< ModelOscillatorgetOscillators ()
Object getUserObject ()
int getVelFrom ()
int getVelTo ()
boolean isDefaultConnectionsEnabled ()
boolean isReleaseTriggered ()
boolean isSelfNonExclusive ()
void setConnectionBlocks (List< ModelConnectionBlock > connectionBlocks)
void setDefaultConnectionsEnabled (boolean addDefaultConnections)
void setExclusiveClass (int exclusiveClass)
void setKeyFrom (int keyFrom)
void setKeyTo (int keyTo)
void setName (String name)
void setReleaseTriggered (boolean value)
void setSelfNonExclusive (boolean selfNonExclusive)
void setUserObject (Object object)
void setVelFrom (int velFrom)
void setVelTo (int velTo)

Private Attributes

boolean addDefaultConnections = true
List< ModelConnectionBlockconnectionBlocks = new ArrayList<ModelConnectionBlock>()
int exclusiveClass = 0
int keyFrom = 0
int keyTo = 127
String name = null
List< ModelOscillatoroscillators = new ArrayList<ModelOscillator>()
boolean releaseTrigger = false
boolean selfNonExclusive = false
Object userObject = null
int velFrom = 0
int velTo = 127

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