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com::sun::media::sound::ModelSource Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class is used to identify sources in connection blocks, see ModelConnectionBlock.

Karl Helgason

Definition at line 33 of file ModelSource.java.

Public Member Functions

ModelIdentifier getIdentifier ()
ModelTransform getTransform ()
 ModelSource (ModelIdentifier id, ModelTransform transform)
 ModelSource (ModelIdentifier id, boolean direction, boolean polarity, int transform)
 ModelSource (ModelIdentifier id, boolean direction, boolean polarity)
 ModelSource (ModelIdentifier id, boolean direction)
 ModelSource (ModelIdentifier id)
void setIdentifier (ModelIdentifier source)
void setTransform (ModelTransform transform)

Static Public Attributes

static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_EG1
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_EG2
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_LFO1
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_LFO2
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_MIDI_CC_0
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_MIDI_CHANNEL_PRESSURE
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_MIDI_PITCH
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_MIDI_POLY_PRESSURE
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_MIDI_RPN_0
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_NONE = null
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_NOTEON_KEYNUMBER
static final ModelIdentifier SOURCE_NOTEON_VELOCITY

Private Attributes

ModelIdentifier source = SOURCE_NONE
ModelTransform transform

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