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com::sun::media::sound::ModelStandardTransform Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A standard transformer used in connection blocks. It expects input values to be between 0 and 1.

The result of the transform is between 0 and 1 if polarity = unipolar and between -1 and 1 if polarity = bipolar.

These constraints only applies to Concave, Convex and Switch transforms.

Karl Helgason

Definition at line 39 of file ModelStandardTransform.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean getDirection ()
boolean getPolarity ()
int getTransform ()
 ModelStandardTransform (boolean direction, boolean polarity, int transform)
 ModelStandardTransform (boolean direction, boolean polarity)
 ModelStandardTransform (boolean direction)
void setDirection (boolean direction)
void setPolarity (boolean polarity)
void setTransform (int transform)
double transform (double value)

Static Public Attributes

static final boolean DIRECTION_MAX2MIN = true
static final boolean DIRECTION_MIN2MAX = false
static final boolean POLARITY_BIPOLAR = true
static final boolean POLARITY_UNIPOLAR = false
static final int TRANSFORM_ABSOLUTE = 4
static final int TRANSFORM_CONCAVE = 1
static final int TRANSFORM_CONVEX = 2
static final int TRANSFORM_LINEAR = 0
static final int TRANSFORM_SWITCH = 3

Private Attributes

boolean direction = DIRECTION_MIN2MAX
boolean polarity = POLARITY_UNIPOLAR
int transform = TRANSFORM_LINEAR

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