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java::nio::HeapLongBuffer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for java::nio::HeapLongBuffer:

java::nio::LongBuffer java::nio::HeapLongBufferR

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Detailed Description

A read/write HeapLongBuffer.

Definition at line 42 of file HeapLongBuffer.java.

Public Member Functions

final long[] array ()
final int arrayOffset ()
LongBuffer asReadOnlyBuffer ()
LongBuffer compact ()
int compareTo (LongBuffer that)
LongBuffer duplicate ()
boolean equals (Object ob)
LongBuffer get (long[] dst)
LongBuffer get (long[] dst, int offset, int length)
long get (int i)
long get ()
final boolean hasArray ()
int hashCode ()
boolean isDirect ()
boolean isReadOnly ()
ByteOrder order ()
final LongBuffer put (long[] src)
LongBuffer put (LongBuffer src)
LongBuffer put (long[] src, int offset, int length)
LongBuffer put (int i, long x)
LongBuffer put (long x)
LongBuffer slice ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static LongBuffer allocate (int capacity)
static LongBuffer wrap (long[] array)
static LongBuffer wrap (long[] array, int offset, int length)

Protected Member Functions

 HeapLongBuffer (long[] buf, int mark, int pos, int lim, int cap, int off)
int ix (int i)

Package Functions

 HeapLongBuffer (long[] buf, int off, int len)
 HeapLongBuffer (int cap, int lim)

Package Attributes

final long[] hb
boolean isReadOnly
final int offset

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