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java::nio::LongBuffer Class Reference

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java::nio::HeapLongBuffer java::nio::HeapLongBufferR

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Detailed Description

A long buffer.

This class defines four categories of operations upon long buffers:

Long buffers can be created either by allocation, which allocates space for the buffer's

content, by wrapping an existing long array into a buffer, or by creating a view of an existing byte buffer.

Like a byte buffer, a long buffer is either direct or non-direct. A long buffer created via the wrap methods of this class will be non-direct. A long buffer created as a view of a byte buffer will be direct if, and only if, the byte buffer itself is direct. Whether or not a long buffer is direct may be determined by invoking the isDirect method.

Methods in this class that do not otherwise have a value to return are specified to return the buffer upon which they are invoked. This allows method invocations to be chained.

Mark Reinhold

JSR-51 Expert Group


Definition at line 257 of file LongBuffer.java.

Public Member Functions

final long[] array ()
final int arrayOffset ()
abstract LongBuffer asReadOnlyBuffer ()
abstract LongBuffer compact ()
int compareTo (LongBuffer that)
abstract LongBuffer duplicate ()
boolean equals (Object ob)
LongBuffer get (long[] dst)
LongBuffer get (long[] dst, int offset, int length)
abstract long get (int index)
abstract long get ()
final boolean hasArray ()
int hashCode ()
abstract boolean isDirect ()
abstract ByteOrder order ()
final LongBuffer put (long[] src)
LongBuffer put (long[] src, int offset, int length)
LongBuffer put (LongBuffer src)
abstract LongBuffer put (int index, long l)
abstract LongBuffer put (long l)
abstract LongBuffer slice ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static LongBuffer allocate (int capacity)
static LongBuffer wrap (long[] array)
static LongBuffer wrap (long[] array, int offset, int length)

Package Functions

 LongBuffer (int mark, int pos, int lim, int cap)
 LongBuffer (int mark, int pos, int lim, int cap, long[] hb, int offset)

Package Attributes

final long[] hb
boolean isReadOnly
final int offset

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